08 May 2008

Clinton: "I'm More Popular With White People!"

To be fair, you should read Senator Clinton expressing it in her own words, but I think my header expresses the gist of her latest argument. Imagine how the media would respond if Senator McCain predicted victory in November because he was more popular with whites, or with men. Now apply your virtual outrage to the Clintons.

I don't know if her latest comments are more insulting to Senator Obama or to white voters. She implies that Obama is incapable of winning over non-collegiate whites, and that they are incapable of being won over. She's repeating the fallacy that those Democrats who preferred her over Obama in the primaries will never vote for Obama. She certainly seems to be hinting that prejudice is a factor in her favor. There's also a hint of contempt for all the voters, and maybe for the whole electoral process -- or is it just a dying roar of pain from a mortal wound to her sense of entitlement? Whatever it is, it should warn any superdelegate who thinks that he or she might benefit personally from voting for Clinton to think again, and soon.


hobbyfan said...

Swillary's blathering tells me she's in denial of the truth that is in front of her. Obama blew her away in North Carolina, and by all accounts, she was lucky to take Indiana. She says she'll be in it until there's a nominee? Please. Stop the pain, Swillary!! Lose the rose colored glasses, and accept reality!

Samuel Wilson said...

It's not so much "lose the rose colored glasses" as "drop the gun, Senator!" before she does some serious damage to herself or others.