19 May 2008

Fake Populism, Part Two

Presenting Senator Hillary Clinton, the candidate of the poor and jobless, who hints that some insensitive complacency toward the cries of the needy compels pundits and others to call on her to quit her campaign in favor of that infamous Scrooge, Senator Obama. If you don't have decent insurance, or any, and you can't afford to send your kid to college, Hillary is your only hope, though Obama may let you eat cake. But more likely he and fellow plutocrat Senator McCain are dining with billionaires, the fat guys who wear top hats and tuxedos with diamond stickpins and dollar signs on them, smoking big cigars and laughing at poor folks. Wait until Hillary leads the charge of the unwashed into their marbled halls, pitchfork in hand and a wad of chewin' tobaccy set to spit in someone's monocled eye. She's Joan of Arc and Mother Jones wrapped in one package, fixin' to raise less corn and more hell, just like back when she and Ole Bill first loaded up the truck and moved to Washington. Don't you remember? Well, why don't you, then? . . .

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hobbyfan said...

Swillary is still claiming the delegates in Florida & Michigan as hers, even though they belong to no one now. I guess she didn't bother reading the memo. Either that, or she somehow convinced farm animals in those states to vote for her.

They may have to give her a white flag to wave in Denver to finally admit it's a lost cause.