06 March 2008

Terrorism: Quality, not Quantity

Don't let the small scale of the explosion and the damage it caused and the lack of casualties obscure the fact that all the king's horses and all the king's men, not to mention all the king's warrantless wiretaps, failed to prevent the bombing of an army recruiting station in the middle of Times Square. Therefore, don't let anyone tell you that there hasn't been a terrorist attack on American soil since 11 Sept. 2001. What do you call this, after all -- vandalism?

Word is that there's been a responsibility claim of some kind in the form of an e-mail to members of Congress showing someone standing in front of the targeted station. That looks like terrorism to me. So let's keep focused on the crucial issue of our time and how the Republicans, i.e. Senator McCain's people, failed to protect us. Don't forget that this happened in what's most likely target area number one for the whole country, the site where I've been anticipating an explosion every Dec. 31 for the last six years. While I've welcomed every new year with happy disappointment, this shows that people other than the usual suspects are motivated to do mischief in the Crossroads of the World, and Homeland Security couldn't do anything about it. The fact that no one was hurt doesn't mean that everyone was safe. Call this fearmongering if you wish, but it doesn't hurt to emphasize that the Republican regime dropped the ball in a big way today.

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