11 March 2008

The Feminazis Are Here?

Let me make myself clear: I despised the word "feminazi" when radio talkers like Rush Limbaugh popularized it. I understood that he equated "feminazism" with feminism itself and with its attendant "political correctness." Merely to promote a feminist agenda aggressively and passionately was to be a "feminazi" in reactionary eyes.

And yet, suddenly, after two days worth of Geraldine Ferraro, no other word popped into my mind. I can't immediately think of a better word to describe the hard core of Clinton boosters, those who seem to really believe, and with intensifying fanaticism, that "we need a woman" in the White House. How else to describe the stridency with which a letter writer to The Nation ascribes all criticism of the Destined One to "misogyny and sexism, overt and covert" while stating, presumably with a straight face, that Senator Clinton is "the most brilliant, prepared candidate since Adlai Stevenson." Stevenson's preparation must be judged conjecturally, of course, since he was a two-time loser in the 1950s, but take my word for it -- this is an extreme comparison. After all, how can Stevenson 's experience be compared with the Senator's -- he never slept with a President!

I invite anyone who happens to read this to show me any speech, any article, anything that asserts that the United States "needs" a black President. If it exists, I'll call it "Afronazism" until someone suggests a better term. On analogy, by "feminazi" I mean specifically anyone who affirms the ideological notion that women bring generically distinct and generally superior virtues to the political realm that require the election of one to the White House at the first opportunity. This is a theory of gender supremacy. There is no other way to characterize it. If that sounds harsh, then remember that these are harsh times. The feminazis are playing dirty, so here's some dirt back at them.

* * *

None of the above should be construed as giving Rush Limbaugh and his ilk license to use the term to further their own agenda. To them, it means the same thing it always has, and in their mouths it's meaningless. My object is to rebrand the term so that it's no use to them anymore. At the same time, let's agree that the majority of Clinton supporters are not feminazis. A person can sincerely, if questionably, believe that she's the best candidate. You only cross the line if you claim that her gender has anything to do with it.


hobbyfan said...

So a former VP candidate has been caught drinking Swillary's kool-aid, no?

24 years ago, Geraldine Ferraro tried to make history as Walter Mondale's running mate vs. Reagan. Now, she's trying to make herself relevant again by casting her lot with Senator Carpetbagger. Oh, how time has passed her by!

Swillary, brilliant? Mississippi just called. They stridently disagree.

Anonymous said...

But then, what does Mississippi know?

hobbyfan said...

What I meant, of course, was that Swillary lost yet another primary.