17 March 2008

Happy Shamrock Day

Mr. Right didn't take my bait. He didn't start a campaign against the secularization of St. Patrick's Day. I probably told him about it too late in his creative process. Instead, he got some opinions about the Spitzer scandal off his chest. It was a bizarre column dedicated to a large extend to damning any attempt to psychoanalyze Spitzer. Not acknowledging that this puts him at odds with such conservatives as Bill O'Reilly and David Brooks, he insisted that Spitzer's downfall be blamed exclusively on bad character. Mr. Right doesn't care how many scholars and academics assert the existence of sex addiction; he says there is no such thing. While the whole exhibition left me scratching my head a bit, wondering who actually made such a claim about the former governor, I can't entirely disagree with the column. Someone in Spitzer's former position has a greater obligation than private citizens to exercise self-control, whether over his libido or his avarice or his prejudice. Whatever doctors say, we have every right to regard the man as a moral failure. Having said that, I remain disappointed that we didn't get to escalate the War on St. Patrick. Maybe next year ...

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