12 March 2008

The Double Standard, Updated

Mr. Peepers: What do you think of Spitzer resigning?

Mr. Right: I told you back when he was running that he prosecuted certain people on Wall Street on very little evidence while totally ignoring Democrats who were doing similar things. I knew back then that he was an arrogant bully, so none of this surprises me.

Peepers: So why don't Craig and Vitter resign? The Republicans are just as bad as Spitzer.

Right: You see, I would never say that all Democrats are just like Spitzer, but you do this all the time. You're always saying all Republicans are just like Craig or just like Vitter. That's the difference between us. But do you want to know why they haven't quit? It's because they see Democrats stay in office in spite of scandals that are just as bad, and I'm sure they tell themselves, "If they don't have to resign, why should we?"

Peepers: But Spitzer resigned ...

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