26 April 2012

Idiot of the week candidate: Will Cain on the politics of climate change

Will Cain is a Texas attorney, sometime digital media entrepreneur and "contributor" to CNN. In that last capacity, his job seems to be to represent the Republican party line in crossfire-type exchanges with "contributors" who represent the Democratic line. I'd never seen or heard of him before today, when I saw such an exchange with Democratic contributor Roland Martin. The immediate subject was an interview the President gave in which he said that it had been hard to focus on climate change because people were mainly concerned with jobs, but that he hoped to refocus on the subject in a second term. As you will see, Martin elaborated on this point, arguing that "jobs" was conversation-killing "kryptonite" whenever climate change was the subject. Cain, who remains skeptical about man's role in climate change, thought that Martin had revealed a weakness of the side demanding action to limit or reverse climate change. Following up on that thought, he actually confirmed what Martin really meant. Martin's own YouTube channel uploaded the clip right away. I wonder if Cain is as eager to publicize the conversation. Watch and judge for yourselves.

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Anonymous said...

People argue against speed limits, helmet laws and other "common sense" laws because they, as individuals, are more than willing to risk their health and lives acting in an irresponsible manner. Repugnicans, in general, show this attribute far more often and extremely than do those on the left. This attitude is simply further evidence that republican is the party of stupid. These are people who will willing crap where they sleep if it means raising the profit margin.