05 April 2012

Idiot of the Week Candidate: Mitt Romney, Harvard man.

Even pro-Republican websites like Daily Caller couldn't pass this one up. Earlier today, addressing supporters in Pennsylvania, Mitt Romney dismissed the President as a "nice guy" who had "spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps." The video is here. And as everyone has duly pointed out, Romney spent four years at Harvard to Obama's three. I've seen one apologist defend Romney, inferring from the candidate's comment that Obama has spent too much time at Harvard in some figurative sense after receiving his law degree, while Romney has done his thing in the private sector, working "real jobs" and so on. Maybe Romney should embrace that defense, but it won't help him much. He'll still get the nomination -- something like this wouldn't stop him -- but it's just another of those little things that people will remember in November, and not in any way flattering to Romney.

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