10 April 2012

Gingrich's Last Chance

With Rick Santorum suspending his campaign, apparently determining that the futility of it was not worth the time away from his daughter's bedside, Newt Gingrich at last has his shot as the sole alternative to Mitt Romney for warmongering Republicans. For those hard chargers who find Ron Paul's non-interventionism unpalatable or unmanly and aren't yet resigned to holding their noses for Romney, Gingrich is now their only hope unless they want to leave the Republican Party. We will see now whether a certain spirit of resignation that would seem characteristic of true conservatism will set in among the Republican base, or whether there is an element of the base so irreconcilable that they will fight Romney to the last and possibly beyond. From another perspective, we should see now how much some Republicans hate Romney compared to their hate for President Obama. The depth and breadth of their hatred will determine whether there will be another Gingrich surge, whether it's too late or not.

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