06 February 2012

Is this car ad political propaganda?

Apparently some people think so, so I'm embedding it for educational purposes only without any implicit endorsement of the Chrysler Corporation.

What have we come to if some Republicans assume that a commercial narrated by arch-"fascist" and professed libertarian Clint Eastwood is some sort of subliminal endorsement of Barack Obama? The issue seems to be the implication of "halftime." The ad appeared during the halftime of the Super Bowl, and the metaphor of "halftime in America" would be just as relevant in any year. But because this is a presidential election year, some people apparently read "halftime" so that it can only mean the campaign between a first and second Obama term. Would people react the same way if Eastwood had appeared in a boxing ring and told us that it was Round Ten in America? Or have some people's consciousnesses become so completely politicized that they see propaganda everywhere? If so, think of this ad as a rohrschach blot. If it looks political to you, you may be paying a little too much attention to the news, or to the wrong kind of news.


TiradeFaction said...

I'm curious, why do you call Eastwood a "Fascist"? Genuine question, I don't really know enough about the guy to make any conclusion one way or another.

Anonymous said...

The idea that Karl Rove finds this commercial offensive I think just goes to show how far the repugnican party has sunk. This commercial is pro-American. Nothing more, nothing less. It's the half-time "pep talk" a good coach gives his team to rally them, energize them and get them to the end game ahead of the other team. Anyone who is familiar with Clint Eastwood knows he considers himself an "Eisenhower Republican" and to try to claim that this commercial is an endorsement of Obama is paranoid, delusion and just plain stupid.

Samuel Wilson said...

TF, it's an old joke dating back to the days when Dirty Harry was considered a "fascist" character by certain movie critics. No reflection on the actual person.

Crhmethinc, I guess to be "pro-American" while Obama is President is suspect, since the politically correct view, on the right, is that the nation is in a mortal crisis and that nothing good has happened in the last three years. The optimism normally mandated by Republicans is on hold while Democrats govern.

hobbyfan said...

Thanks, Sam, for nominating Rove as a Weasel of the Week. I watched the ad, and I don't see anything out of context.

To paraphrase a line Eastwood used in "Heartbreak Ridge", as it relates to Mr. Rove, some cable networks are looking for a few good men (I think you know which ones I mean). Unfortunately, Rove isn't one of them.