08 November 2008

Voting With Guns, Resumed

Senator Obama appears to have stimulated one sector of the economy merely by getting elected. The trend reported prior to last Tuesday continues apace, if it hasn't accelerated, as gun stores report strong sales from people who fear that the next President will make it harder for them to get weapons once he's in. At least I hope that convenience is the main motive for the late-year rush. I stand by my recent prediction that "militia" movements will return to public consciousness during the Obama years. Let me add my speculation that any such surge in activity will make these "patriots" the ideal collaborators with organizations like al-Qaeda for whom the country, rather than any particular regime or race, is the enemy. If Osama bin Laden wants to create major mischief for America, he should be using all means at his disposal to make contact with white people who want to kill Obama. An assassination wouldn't necessarily start a race war, but bin Laden might think the chance worth the effort.

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In case you hadn't noticed Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years and Al-Quaeda is bankrupt. Several of the Arabs supposedly on the planes which struck the two towers showed up alive elsewhere. The same people who staged 09/11 have put their man, Barack obama, in the White House. When are you going to wake up, Sleeping Beauty?