10 November 2008

The Fist of the Holy Cross

The Shaolin temple has nothing on the fighting monks of the Greek and Armenian Orthodox congregations of Jerusalem. In fact, the Chinese kung fu is very weak compared to the wrath of Orthodoxy. As a witness explains, the Greeks (or does the guy say "Freaks") were trying to "put their monk into the tomb" during an Armenian celebration of what sounds like "the Fist of the Holy Cross." It's hard to keep track of the sides in the melee, but keep an eye on the monks in red. I think their style is stronger. I wonder whether the guy who throws the sucker punch is a ringer, though. He appears to be a lefty, and in pugilism that's the "un-Orthodox" style.

Religion of peace, indeed!


crhymethinc said...

Old, bearded priest, you will make excellent target practice for my...


See Christianity as it's never been seen before!

Watch the Armenian Monks get Payback!

Turning the other cheek has never felt so good!

"...simply unbelievable."
-J. H. Christ, The Kingdom Herald

",,,I've never scene such a,,,$@&% spectacle!"
-Moe H. Ahmed, The Core and Observer

"...it hits you at the "gut" level"
-Bud A, The Eight Path Weekly

"...a helluva good flick."
-Louisa Fur, Woman's Home Quarterly

Samuel Wilson said...

Now I think I may have posted this on the wrong blog. Perhaps it's more MONDO 70 material after all.