19 November 2008

Al-Qaeda vs "House Negro"

Ayman al-Zawahiri's cultural literacy doesn't go so far, apparently, as to suggest the term "Uncle Tom" to describe the President-Elect. Instead, in his latest video offering the reputed second-in-command of al-Qaeda borrows from Malcolm X to characterize Barack Obama as a "house negro" or "house slave" and indict him as a traitor to his race. Well, Arabs know from slaves. They were enslaving African kaffirs long before Europeans got in on the racket, so it amuses me to see the Egyptian doctor posing as if his kind were the historic friends of the Negro. It just goes to show that haters and maniacs see things through the prism of their subjective obsessions. Zawahiri sees Obama as the pet of a "white" establishment, and he won't be the only one to think so, but others see the complete opposite, and are probably equally far from the truth. I'm reminded of the fable of the blind men and the elephant, except that Obama is a Democrat, so the symbolism's wrong.

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Googly-Eyed Sales Guy said...

I think "White house negro" would have been more befitting. It's sad when some Americans find themselves sympathizing with the enemy. There are many folks in this country that probably agree with Mr. Al Zackawahiri (BTW, didn't he play for the Raiders years ago? I thought he was dead.)