21 November 2007

Vote Huckabee or Die!

That's the implication of Mike Huckabee's new commercial, in which he basks in the endorsement of that Paul Bunyan of our time, Chuck Norris. Since Huckabee's own campaign site invites us to copy the ad, here it is:

Knowing the will of Norris, I defy him. I may risk my life doing so, given the many reported facts of Chuck's lethal temperament, but this is a matter of conscience with me. I can only combat facts with facts, so here's one: Bruce Lee faked his own death in 1973 because one day, Chuck Norris will let his guard down. If Mike Huckabee is around on that day, he'll find out about God sooner than he'd really like.

1 comment:

crhymethinc said...

Should we just start calling him "Chuckabee"?