13 November 2007

Blackwater Bats .176

If anyone thought the FBI investigation of the Blackwater killing of 17 Iraqis on September 16 was going to be friendly toward the mercenaries, they'll have to conclude that the beleaguered security contractor doesn't need enemies. Advance word on the FBI report indicates that Blackwater will be blamed for 14 out of 17 unjustified deaths on that infamous day. Even that estimate appears to be overgenerous to Blackwater, since they're excused for three murders of civilians only because, in those instances only, they abided by rules of engagement that entitle them to fire on suspicion of imminent attack, regardless of whether the suspicion was justified or not. Judged by killing insurgents, the mercs were batting a perfect .000. Now, before everyone starts arguing over who has jurisdiction and who has clout, let's consider another possibility. Sometimes justice can be served only when someone asserts jurisdiction in an area for the first time.

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