20 November 2016

Artifact: The New York Vigilance (November 2016)

There were a couple of copies of this little broadside in the coin-op laundry I patronize in Albany NY:

It's hard to take the fascist threat as seriously as the author intends when he can't even spell fascist correctly, but I suppose pointing that out makes me some kind of orthographic fascist. Beyond that, "Doormouse" is perhaps necessarily vague on the terms according to which various groups must come together or work together. The author rightly prioritizes resisting a "rigged" economic system, but while the Vigilance emphasizes that the middle class itself is threatened by neocon/neoliberal policies, it's unclear whether Doormouse has figured out how to build a resistance without alienating a "white male-dominated" middle class presumed jealous of its "overt dominance over social, economic, cultural and political aspects of daily life" -- whatever that means.  This large, still-decisive demographic can't be treated as victim and villain at the same time, but whether the left can stop itself from treating them exactly that way remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

The minute I see "white" I assume it's more racist propaganda by some SJW whiner. You are not going to unite the population with anti-white rhetoric when the majority population is white (although apparently quite a few have forgotten that pesky fact.) The main problem I see with people and posts like this is they don't spell out an alternative. Basically what they're all saying is "I feel screwed over and so should you and its all the fault of white middle-class people."

Yeah, the system is rigged. And as long as we allow money to influence politics, that will continue. The ONLY way around this, sans armed insurrection which is bound to fail, is to form new political parties at the grassroots level, take over LOCAL governments at the village, town and city level. Show people your platform works for them and grow your movement. Since not one of these third-parties seems capable of coming up with a charismatic, inspirational leader, the whiners will continue to sit on their asses whining. Nothing will change and those who keep the status quo know this.

Samuel Wilson said...

Yeah, it's not good when Doormouse doesn't include "white" among the groups that have to get together etc. Lots of people are really misreading the electorate because they don't see the difference between racists and anti-anti-racists. Trump voters weren't directly blaming minorities and women for the state of the nation but definitely rejected the argument that they themselves were to blame somehow.

Just a rhetorical question here: my hunch is that Doormouse is an anti-racist white person. If so, can Doormouse be a "racist" for blaming a group to which he/she belongs, since any implicit stereotype would not include Doormouse?

Anonymous said...

He can definitely be a bigot, regardless of where his race/race hatred lie. Kind of reminds me of a person I once knew who was Jewish by birth, but became a jew-hating neo-nazi. Some people are just confused. Or is that simply stupidity?