28 November 2016

Amoklauf at Ohio State?

Now that it seems that no students were killed or critically hurt during an apparent knifing rampage this morning at The Ohio State University, it seems time to investigate the possible radicalization of students at the University of Michigan following last Saturday's football game between the two schools. Following Michigan's overtime loss, their coach denounced the referees for effectively screwing his team out of the game and any chance of taking part in the playoffs to determine a national collegiate champion. Could today's attacker, who has been reported killed by the police, have been morbidly embittered by this dubious victory of Michigan's traditional Big Ten rival? Probably not; it will surprise no one if the attacker turns out to be some Muslim idiot. But why shouldn't it be a disgruntled football fan? After all, football is like a religion in that part of the country, and objectively speaking a football fan -- remember, fan is short for "fanatic" -- has as much reason to go out and slash students as a Muslim does.


hobbyfan said...

Let's just cut the social-racial-political bull and just say the guy was a moron. After all, he used a butcher knife to maim his victims. For all we know, he was on a bender after the OSU-Michigan game.

Samuel Wilson said...

Since he was a Somali immigrant -- described as a "permanent resident" -- I suspect not. More likely this was his low-tech way of emulating the Nice attack. Still a moron, though.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that 9 or 10 more Americans will be scarred for life because of the left's refusal to accept reality and act in a responsible manner.