06 November 2012

Love those modern voting machines!


Here's the sort of story everyone's been dreading, with video evidence uploaded to YouTube by centralpavoter. Notice that both major parties have things to complain about. The point for now isn't that someone's trying to rig the voting in any given election district. The point is that computerized voting is bound to be glitchy in ways that voting with the old school machines that worked for a century, and that my neighborhood had until last year, wasn't. Boosters will say this is still the necessary answer to hanging chads, but all I see is that some manufacturers made a lot of money off taxpayers with little return in more secure elections. No wonder "progress" has a bad name in some places. Happy Election Day!

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Anonymous said...

Well, you can inadvertantly thank Mr. Romney - since he has heavily invested in the company that makes the new voting machines, according to online sources.

Can you say "conflict of interest"?