04 November 2012

In defense of Chris Christie

Maybe it takes a big man to have two thoughts simultaneously, but the governor of storm-ravaged New Jersey seems like such a person this weekend. Gov. Christie is a Republican, but he judged party lines irrelevant while cooperating with President Obama on storm relief efforts. It seems that some of his fellow Republicans took offense when the governor gave the President the praise Christie considered Obama's due, and now Democrats are freshly angry that Christie, in spite of the storm, has reiterated his preference for Mitt Romney in Tuesday's election. In doing so, however, Christie rebuked those Republicans who resent any good word for a President of another party. Without agreeing with his appraisal of either candidate, it should be possible for someone to believe that the incumbent has done a good job in a crisis, but the challenger would still make a better President. If only we really did have a choice between Good and Better this year.

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