02 December 2011

Occupy Albany: Winter is coming

At long last, the City of Albany has put the Academy Park Occupation on notice: overnight encampments must end with the coming of winter, no later than December 22 but sooner if the Occupiers fail to remedy "serious health and safety" violations cited following an inspection of the park yesterday. While the local newspaper report doesn't detail the alleged violations, it quotes Mayor Jerry Jennings's concern for the Occupiers' own health as the weather grows colder and snow becomes more likely. The Occupation will be shut down for the Occupiers' own good, you see. As in New York, the mayor affirms a right of protesters to stage daily demonstrators. They may perform like good little dissidents and sit down so that everyone else can return to their complacency or private worries. The thought of dissent that does not go away is for some reason anathema to elected officials of both major parties in this country. It is an imposition on the rest of us somehow. It is obviously offensive to many. So let what will happen happen. It is probably as inevitable as the season. All the people who have supposedly been doing nothing will find something else to do, and all the people who've scoffed and shrugged will keep on doing nothing.


Dave Lucas said...

POLL! Should Occupy Albany be required to fold up their tents and leave Academy park? VOTE HERE!

hobbyfan said...

All the organizers of the Occupy Albany movement really need to do is to pool together some resources amongst themselves and set up a winter headquarters. Mayor Jennings is looking out for their health, as noted, and I think most of us saw this coming, to tell you the truth.

Dave Lucas: The poll is a waste of time. A heavy snowstorm would all but destroy the OA encampment as it stands now. Take my advice, and OA will be better for it!