11 December 2011

My secular fatwa against the Florida Family Association

So a cable channel makes an effort to show Americans something resembling the real life of this nation's Muslims -- or so I'll assume, not having watched the show -- and for this sponsors are reportedly getting boycotted by some charming outfit called the Florida Family Association, with one of them, the Lowe's department store chain, actually pulling their ads as a result. The FFA boasts on its own website that Lowe's is just the latest advertiser to pull out under their pressure, though only that chain's capitulation has captured the news media's attention. The Association's main complaint seems to be that any show about American Muslims must interrogate its subjects about sharia law. To show American Muslims who don't obsess over sharia, the Floridians contend, makes the program "propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law." The TLC channel, however, is under no obligation to pander to Islamophobic paranoia. The All-American Muslim show is not an investigative report, nor need it be. Advertisers should not punish TLC for failing to fuel the Florida fanatics' hatred. Nor should those sponsors be punished who support other programs deemed immoral by the FFA vigilantes. Executive director David Caton's raving against "secular progressives" pretty conclusively brands him and his organization a greater threat to this country than all but the furthest fringe of American Muslims. Any member of FFA is more obviously un-American in his or her intolerance than the average U.S. Muslim. A Christian theocrat is self-evidently a greater threat to the United States than a Muslim theocrat, especially when he doesn't have to resort to bombs or guns to advance his agenda. Like terrorism, boycotting is a form of asymmetrical warfare, waged by people who aren't as vulnerable to the market than the institutions they attack. Pushing back in a proportionate manner against unjust boycotters is difficult, but entities like the FFA should not be immune when they can do such damage. Caton and his acolytes should be just as vulnerable, just as accountable in their pocketbooks, for such presumably dangerous opinions as the groups he boycotts. Threatening violence, as some Muslim idiots may well have done already, would only stroke these people's persecution fantasies. A way should be found to make them suffer in the way they make others suffer, through loss of trade or measures that would make it financially unfeasible for them to continue operations. Ideally, this sort of warfare shouldn't happen in a democratic republic, but until these Christians learn the Golden Rule someone should teach them a lesson.


Anonymous said...

One would think it wouldn't be too difficult to get a list of members and then start a national boycott against the companies they work for until they are fired.

I would say the best response is for American Muslims to sign a petition to boycott any business which pulls it's advertisements from this show. But then, who knows but that American Muslims don't like the show to begin with and would be only too happy to see it pulled from the airwaves.

That being said, as I've said any number of times before, the boycott is one of the few legitimate tools we (the "people") have at our disposal. Although I find their intolerance sickening, I can't fault their actions as I am more than willing to do the same against companies' who advertise on shows whose message I don't like. Turnabout is fair play.

Anonymous said...

I just followed your link to their website and sent them this message:

"The Constitution defends your right to believe whatever superstitious nonsense you wish. It grants that same right to everyone else in this country, whether you agree with their beliefs or not. It most certainly does NOT grant you the right to attempt to legislate your false religion into national law. So why don't you and the rest of your ilk go and join your god right now? Just put a gun to your own head and pull the trigger, because the human race is about fed up with the hatred, intolerance and bigotry spewed by your low-class, low-grade filth."

We'll see what sort of response we get from this particular batch of trailer trash.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Florida Family, i assume they are a bunch of crackpots with nothing better to do! How Lowes listened to them is beyond me, i prefer Home Depot anyway. - By the way im not even religious but the whole thing about Florida family stinks. Muslims are just people like us, their are idiots in every race and religion. Silly decision by Lowes.

hobbyfan said...

David Caton is a paranoid jerkwad who's giving Christianity a bad name. Just like the people in charge of the PTC.

Look, all TLC is trying to do is show that not all Muslims are evil. Caton and his followers don't want that. They'd rather reinforce the stereotype that already exists. Somehow, they've bamboozled major sponsors into pulling their ads with their paranoid rhetoric.

Sam, Crhyme, you know as well as I do that not all Muslims buy into the anti-American paranoid propaganda from the late Osama bin Laden and his followers. I just wish that Caton and his brainwashed supporters would wake up and realize this, too......