01 April 2010

Idiot of the Week: Scott Roeder

This murderer was sentenced to a long stay in stir today. He was unrepentant, threatening the state and nation with the wrath of God, promising that every drop of fetal blood shed in abortions would be avenged. He considered himself justified because abortions were formerly illegal in his state. He complained that his trial was unfair because he could not submit abortion atrocity photos as evidence for his defense. He defied jurors by invoking a higher law of God according to which he ought to have been acquitted. He justified the murder of a fellow citizen as necessary for the defense of unborn babies whose mothers currently have a right to abort them. In sum, he refuses to recognize the laws of the United States when they don't conform with his understanding of the laws of God. And like many a Christian he forgets how Jesus rebuked Peter for raising a sword in Jesus's own defense. Given his incomplete understanding of his own faith, he's left with his own moral sense entitling him to kill. His friends see him as a moral patriot and a living martyr. I think my label is more accurate.


hobbyfan said...

You know, Sammy, I'm tired of these lunatics invoking God as an excuse for killing someone. We've read of mothers killing their children for no reason other than "God's will" because they think the kids are demon-possessed or something. Invoking "God's will" has become a default insanity defense for these people.

Roeder is in his 50's already, meaning he won't live out his sentence. I say, instead of prison, a mental hospital is a more likely destination.

Anonymous said...

I'd say if they want to live by "biblical" principles, let them be punished in kind. Since the bible states "an eye for an eye", let him be executed.