25 April 2010

Idiot of the Week: Kazem Sedighi

President Ahmadinejad of Iran is concerned that his nation might be next in this year's wave of earthquakes. Seismologists warn that the region may be overdue for one, and the president is reportedly mulling over whether to evacuate part of the population of Tehran in advance of any possible disaster. I don't know whether he's been listening exclusively to scientists or whether his expectations are influenced by the more impressionistic analyses of experts like our Idiot of the Week. He is a hojatoleslam, a "proof of Islam," a religious expert ranking just below the ayatollahs in the Shiite hierarchy of religious scholarship and jurisprudence. He also warns of an earthquake striking Iran, but he also thinks it might be preventable. He has a daring hypothesis on the causes of earthquakes. They are caused by women dressing immodestly, which offends God. A "general repentance," on the other hand, might stay the deity's wrathful hand. The nation's minister of welfare and social security seconds this assessment. To my knowledge, the president has not issued earthquake-prevention recommendations along these lines. Is he sleeping on the job or can it be that he is not the biggest nut in Iranian high places?

This Sedighi strikes me as the type who, should the Israelis decide to preempt the Iranian nuclear program, would blame the bombings on the enemy within, the sluts of Iran who provoked God into raising his curtain of protection just to teach them a lesson. It would just go to show that while doctrines divide us, a certain type of religious mentality is really the same everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Which just deepens my "belief" that, for the good of the future of humankind, stupidity needs to be surgically removed from body of humanity. It is a disease that will not simply go away.

hobbyfan said...

Methinks the Iron Sheik should return home to Iran and stretch out Sedighi. How is it possible for God to be offended by women in the Muslim Nation, when He can't discern what they look like? As long as they have those burquas, they all look the same!

On a serious note, Sedighi would be a laughingstock in most places.

Anonymous said...

In most places outside the US and Mexico, so would "professional wrestlers" in general. Perhaps we should just get Vince McMann to run for the presidency of Iran?