15 October 2009

Limbaugh Punted

As I wrote earlier this week, I had no problem with Rush Limbaugh buying a share of an NFL franchise. It was an issue on which even politicized people had a right to have no opinion whatsoever. Now that the mastermind of the scheme to purchase the St. Louis Rams has booted Limbaugh from the group, it will only enhance the radio talker's standing among his dittohead followers as a martyr to political correctness, reverse racism or whatever he wants to call it. Now that I think of it, it would be amusing to see if Limbaugh's listeners start a retaliatory boycott of the NFL (to punish the players' union) and switch their loyalties to the new football league that's in the works. For all I know, someone has already proposed this, but somehow it seems unlikely. In any event, even though I think objectively that the entire scandal has been unfair to Limbaugh, it really does amuse me to see this champion of capitalism kicked out of a money-making venture due to somebody's arbitrary calculation that he was bad for business.


Anonymous said...

And wouldn't it be a good thing if more and more people in this country finally realized that the ideology espoused by idiots like Limbaugh is bad for business?

Samuel Wilson said...

By way of an update, I read that Limbaugh is blaming the Obama administration for his disappointment. That crosses the line from the pathetic to the outright stupid.

hobbyfan said...

Methinks you should've made Limbaugh a co-idiot of the week. Apparently he hasn't learned the lesson of the likes of Al Campanis & Jimmy Snyder 20-25 years ago.

A couple of things to consider:

The UFL is already underway, BTW, with just 4 teams, and I don't see them recruiting Limbaugh anytime soon, either.

David Checketts also owns the NHL's St. Louis Blues, and used to run MSG before the Dolan family took it over and mismanaged it into its current state.