17 October 2009

"Can You Hear Us Now?" Probably Not

Travelling between Albany and Troy this afternoon, I suddenly realized I was going right past the headquarters of the Albany Times Union at the time of the promised "Can You Hear Us Now?" demonstration, organized to protest alleged media neglect of the tea party/September 12 protest movements. As it turned out, a protest was going on. My passing estimate was that there was somewhere between a dozen and a score of people putting on a show. I was in no position to stop, but I did notice one sign that read, "No More Socialized Anything!" and another that reiterated the titular challenge. As vehicles passed, the demonstrators agitated for drivers to honk their horns in support. I didn't hear any, but I'm sure some did during the afternoon. It was a nice day in town, but perhaps a little too cool to be standing on a street corner away from the city center when there were leaves to look at or football games to watch. I suppose I should give credit to those that showed, but at the same time there was no proof of an aggrieved mass movement there.

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