12 September 2009

Neo-Confederate Demonstration in D.C.

What? That's not what you heard? Well, this article tells me that some people in the five-figure crowd that marched on the nation's capital today were waving Confederate flags. So by the protesters' own standards, I would be entitled to say that the march as a whole advocated secession and the restoration of slavery.

I was also amused to see Rep. DeMint say that today's was not a "radical right-wing" demonstration. It made me wonder what would qualify for that label in his mind. Would we have to see swastikas in the crowd? I mean swastikas that aren't meant to identify the President with Nazism, of course.

If I seem intolerant it's because I'm increasingly swayed by the people who ask why, if the Tea Partisans claim to protest against big government, they did not come out in such numbers against George W. Bush? The conclusion that the protesters have something against the present President besides his presumed advocacy of big government grows increasingly difficult to dismiss. Their recent idolization of the liar and/or idiot, Rep. Wilson, doesn't exactly endear them any more to me. But the mass hypocrisy is the real deal-breaker for me, for if there are any Americans who would look complacently if not happily, upon the weak dying, I suspect they were among today's crowd in Washington.

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Anonymous said...

Let them attempt to secede again. I'll be more than happy to watch them get their butts handed to them again. Although I doubt the current administration has the courage to stand up and tell them to either shut the hell up or get out of the country.