20 September 2009

"America Forever"

Every so often at our newspaper office press releases that really should go to the editorial fax come through ours in the department next door. This brings some strange documents into my view, from plodding poetry on political topics to the object of my present concern, which the machine disgorged last Friday. The headline reads: "Be Aware They pulled the Plug...DO NOT BE IGNORANT of these facts" Datelined Washington, it emanates from an organization called America Forever, self-described as "The Voice of the People." That header begs Edmond O'Brien's classic query from The Wild Bunch, "Who the hell is they?" Let's see if we can find out.

Before we learn who "they" are, we learn that "They derailed the economy so President Obama could win the election. Look at the dates and events and see for yourself. Are they secret combinations or simply coincidence?" The shocking answer follows immediately, but I'll tease you a bit more by relating America Forever's thesis that "In three months the OBAMA team with conspiracy and treason, along with moveon.org and The Human Rights Campaign the largest lobbying firm in the world with their million dollar financial network had all the pieces in position so President Obama could avoid answering questions during the election and could dwell only on a made up bad economy to win the seat as the President of the United States." As you see, punctuation is not this organization's strong suit. In any event, the crucial point of this conspiracy theory is that the current Treasury Secretary, then the president of the Federal Reserve, met with "the Lehman Brothers" on Sept. 13 of last year, following which Lehman, "the responsible Party...of the meltdown of the economy Filed Bankruptcy." The implicit premise is that Geithner, acting on Obama's behalf, persuaded Lehman to trigger the crisis, presumably creating it out of nothing in that instance. This is, in fact, America Forever's belief, their position being that "the economical index in mid August was sound."

If "we seem lost," that's because "America has never experienced a president who acts in contempt to freedom and maliciously tampers with democracy, promoting animosity and divisiveness while joining the international slandering of our nation; using his position as president against America." Read that carefully. If that scans the way it does to me, America Forever is arguing that we need "a president who acts in contempt to freedom...,[etc.]" This outfit really needs a copy-editor if they want to spread their message effectively, but don't tell them that.

America Forever is bothered by the fact that the U.S. has scrapped the missile defense installation plans in Poland and the Czech Republic. "Americans would never pull out of Poland and Czech on the Anniversary that the Russians invaded Poland," the writer complains, "Either our President needs history lessons or once again he wants to embarrass us as a nation." I suppose I should have saved this topic for a separate post, but it amuses me to see all the Republicans and reactionaries coming out of the woodwork to confirm what the Bush administration always denied: that the missile defense system was aimed at Russia. But I mustn't stray off on tangents. I must identify the "well organized group [that] organizes very quickly." Its allies have already been identified, but the true motivating power behind it all is...

...the homosexuals! They are Obama's collaborators and role models. "He uses the gay movement tactics to get what he wants and to shove his agenda down the people's throat, just like the gays do!" America Forever explains, "These are intolerant tactics, that when combined by intimidation manipulate the system to elevate their agenda."

But Obama may yet be saved. "America Forever calls on President Barrack Hussein Obama to turn away from the gay agenda which is deserving this nation and Stop acting like a step-mother who wants to take down the house to elevate her policies. We plead to the President to act like a mother who loves her children and without destroying a house she moves on carefully and thoughtfully and slowly to implement new rules."

Get that? This is verbatim from the press release, and so is the following, addressed to the news media authority who was meant to see this sheet:

To the News media once again: SHAME ON YOU, for forgetting who you are and what your job stands for. Once again America Forever see's you holding on to promote the gays. Have some decency, respect the reputation of journalism, stop being activists and do your job and tell the American people the truth! The race card is the gay movement card; stop using it. President Obama is doing some serious things in a manner that people don't like. This is not about race, just like homosexuality is not about race.

That bit left me scratching my head. Had someone said that homophobia was racist? But there's a helpful graphic that clarifies America Forever's position. It shows two men kissing against a wall, the image circled and bisected in the international signal for verboten, with a comment below that "HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A RACE! This is not about HATE or CIVIL RIGHTS."
From this I deduce that civil rights adhere only to racial groups, according to America Forever, so that resistance to homosexual rights is no denial of civil rights to anybody. If that doesn't strike you as a particularly brilliant observation, consider the source. America Forever is outraged over homosexuals "deserving this nation," after all, and I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. Certain other subtleties of their viewpoint are bound to be lost on us as well.

But to review: the homosexual movement somehow manipulated the economy, using Tim Geithner and Lehman Brothers as their instruments of destruction, in order to get a friendly President elected in order to further their maliciously "deserving" agenda. And they're protecting Obama from just criticism of his economic plans by smearing every critic as a racist. So that any journalist who sees the slightest vestige of racism in the anti-Obama movement is actually also furthering the gay "stepmother" agenda. No smear tactics on America Forever's part, that's for sure! And they're no racists themselves; they "do know that the Black population of this nation will choose God over the gay agenda." Isn't that a relief?

With an argument bordering on the illiterate, America Forever is no real threat to anybody, but for taking such pains to circulate their ignorance across the country they probably deserve an Idiot of the Week designation. The competition was fierce throughout the summer, and I think the silly season will continue for a while yet. We may hear from these people again before it's done.


hobbyfan said...

Is there no end to the stupidity of small-minded crackpots looking for their 15:00 of fame?

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, we received this request, apparently mistakenly sent to the wrong fax number...

Please publish the address from which this communique was sent to you. They know too much and must be stopped. We are deserving the government.

- The Gay Alliance Conspiracy