04 July 2009

Honduras: Bloody Sunday Preview?

The BBC reports that "thousands" of supporters of Manuel Zelaya are heading to the capital city's airport in anticipation of his return, now announced for tomorrow, presumably in order to show their support and possibly to shield him from arrest by the new government. The supreme court, which ordered the military to remove Zelaya from office last weekend, has basically told the Organization of American States to screw itself, and the new government remains set on arresting Zelaya should he land, despite his predicted escort of foreign leaders and the possible intervention of thousands of hostile citizens. The Catholic Church has urged Zelaya not to return, pleading in the interest of peace, though I don't know if the opinion of the elite reflects that of the rank-and-file priesthood or the laity. The BBC states that Honduras is "polarized," contrary to the assertions of anti-Zelaya bloggers. That doesn't mean that the bloggers are wrong, since a mob doesn't mean a majority, but a showdown should reveal the truth of things -- and so would the lack of a showdown, since that would mean Zelaya has chickened out. Tomorrow will tell the tale.

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