28 May 2009

Globalization of Poor Sportsmanship

If I understand the news reports correctly, a Nigerian man whose favorite team is Manchester United from Great Britain got enraged when he saw fellow Nigerians in his town celebrating yesterday's victory over his team by their favorite team, Barcelona, in the European Champions League final, and drove his vehicle into the crowd, killing at least four people. I want to ask, "what's wrong with this picture?" but there are so many answers I could offer that I don't know where to begin. I'll trust you to figure it out for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

He only managed to take out 4?

Samuel Wilson said...

Are you speaking as a fellow Man U fan or as a critic of the man's driving???

Anonymous said...

I don't follow sports - although this almost seems like a round from "deathrace". So I guess I'm being critical of the man's driving. Unless he was driving one of those pressed cardboard cars from India. In which case "Wow, he managed to get 4?!!"