07 May 2009

At the Foot of the Capitol

The bus I ride from Albany to Troy passes nearly around the State Capitol in Albany on its way down the State Street hill. Riding this morning I noticed a crowd around the eastern staircase. The crowd was probably several hundred people strong. Someone was playing a guitar and singing on the steps. I didn't see any signs in the crowd to tell me what they were there for. Were they advocating or protesting? I'll have to watch the news or read the papers to find out. But far away from the mass, at the base where the Capitol rises from the hill, there stood a single black man holding aloft a cardboard sign that read: IF MY PEOPLE WILL NOT REPENT OF EVIL I WILL MAKE THIS NATION A CURSE. JEREMIAH 26.

Exactly what evil the man was warning against was unclear, but I presumed that he was protesting against the demonstration further up the hill. What manner of evil might inspire the man to protest with such language is probably easy to guess.

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