26 August 2007

Florida vs. the Democrats

The Democratic National Committee will refuse to seat a delegation from Florida unless the state reschedules its primary (see http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20443681/.) The Democrats can do as they please, since its their convention, but so should the Floridians. The people of that state ought to be able to nominate anyone they please for the Presidency at any time within the bounds of state law. For that matter, if the person who won their primary didn't win the Democratic nomination, they should still be able to vote for their favorite in November. There is no rational reason why Florida should defer to New Hampshire or Iowa, nor do they owe unconditional loyalty to the national racket that is the Democratic Party. As a balance-of-power state, imagine the impact Florida could have if its citizens voted for their own candidate in November, rather than the major-party nominees. They could throw the final decision to the House of Representatives, an outcome that would get more people thinking about how the system works and how it could work better.

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