29 August 2007

Calm down, Fidel!

Fidel Castro must be losing focus in his declining years. From his sickbed he has issued an order (see http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6969763.stm) that really wasn't necessary. Wouldn't a defector, particularly a boxer seeking to jump over for economic gain, be considered an illegal immigrant in the U.S.? Or is Castro under the impression that Chicago is some sort of sanctuary city? His confusion is probably understandable, because the U.S. has played by different rules regarding Cubans for a long time. Cuban immigrants, especially if they're illegal by Cuban standards, are useful political symbols of Castro's alleged illegitimacy. But Americans are supposedly tired of people coming here illegally just to make money. So if a Cuban boxer rings your doorbell asking for asylum, what would you do?

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