05 January 2017

Discriminatory News

At 9 a.m. one cable news network led off the hour with the apparent hate-crime beating of a white Chicago man, while two others didn't. It can be argued that there are more important news stories this morning, but the networks' different priorities are still worth speculating upon. For Fox News, I'd guess, the priority is to highlight a violent hatred of Donald Trump, since the suspects railed against the President-elect during their Facebook Live spree. For the other networks, I suspect, the priority is to downplay an incident that seemingly could only refuel hatred of black people in general. If I'm right, that would be consistent with a liberal-culture mistrust of other people's ability to judge individuals without generalizing or stereotyping. You saw something like this in the late presidential election. Democrats tended to deny that the economy was still in bad shape, and that probably was in part because they feared that conceding any failure of President Obama's would disqualify any more black people from the Presidency in presumably bigoted minds. This isn't just about race, of course, since Democrats' fanatic defense of Hillary Clinton was driven in part by fear that in rejecting her voters were rejecting any woman for the Presidency, ever. In other words, convinced that they know how the right wing thinks, but uncertain of how many people are right wing, liberals don't trust people to judge individuals without also judging wider swaths of the population in a prejudicial manner. The assumes that people not known to be liberals think in stereotypes, and will see the Facebook torturers from Chicago as just more N-words. But isn't that also stereotyping? And wouldn't downplaying a story that would certainly run at the top of every hour if the roles were reversed a form of discrimination? Let the pundits ponder that.

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Anonymous said...

Although I found that story interesting in that it proves that not only white people are capable of racism (as they were also screaming "F*** white people" as well as the anti-tRumpisms.

What interested me more are some stories coming out of Europe - how masses of refugees were met at the Hungarian borders with tear gas and water cannons; how the cosa nostra has apparently declared war on muslims in Palermo; basically, how more and more Europeans are seeming to finally stand up to the EU and to their own governments in order to defend themselves and their cultures against further incursions from the islamic world, meanwhile, a video has surfaced where a government official from Kuwait explains why the wealthy muslim countries shouldn't be expected to accept any muslim refugees and why Turkey and Greece should. A video I think every muslim refugee should be forced to watch.