10 October 2016

Neo-Lincolnism at the debate

Was Sean Wilentz one of Hillary Clinton's debate coaches? I couldn't help wondering after the candidate actually invoked the Great Emancipator, whom Wilentz idolizes as a model of deal-making, arm-twisting presidential politicking, while attempting to explain her overly friendly tone towards Wall Street in the leaked excerpts from her secret paid speeches. Of course, she may only have watched Steven Spielberg's Lincoln picture, since she specifically invoked Old Abe's lobbying for the Thirteenth Amendment as seen in that film, which required him to disclaim any desire for racial equality. In Clinton's context, she presumably means us to believe that the best way to get Wall Street on board for economic reform is to assure all the CEOs and hedge fund managers that they're all just nice misunderstood successful people whom she'd trust with the national henhouse. Do you suppose that Donald Trump was in the audience for some of her talks? If he was, I wonder whether he recognized them for what he might call "locker-room talk?"

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Anonymous said...

"Economic Reform"? Since when is a neo-con concerned with economic reform? If Clinton really and truly cared about economic reform, perhaps she'd like to explain the billions of dollars her foundation is worth? Perhaps she can enlighten us how selling military aircraft to a country that economically supports terrorist attacks against the US is strategically sound? Especially when one considers the deal was only okay'd AFTER said government had donated millions of dollars to the above-mentioned foundation.

The fact is, Clinton is a neo-con and cares about economic reform only as far as it allows her to continue to use the US government as a tool to increase the overall financial health of her foundation.