29 February 2016

What lives matter?

The big lie of 2016 is "All Lives Matter." Not everyone who says this is a liar, but a lot are. Some will go straight from saying it to explaining why this, that or the other one whose death has been protested deserved to die. But the big lie behind it isn't that white people don't really mean it when it comes to other races. The really big lie is that they don't even mean it for themselves. As I've said often, whites lack that "tribal" solidarity that refuses to write off any member of the group. How many mourn when a white "thug" dies, whatever the circumstances? How many regret the circumstances that might have made that corpse a "thug," or a "loser?" How many will speak of such people as "our youth?" How many would just as readily kick white "losers" as those of any other color to the curb? If a crowd at a Republican rally starts chanting "All Lives Matter," for instance, you can guess that most of them are lying -- not because they're racist, but because they're Republicans. If everyone has to earn his spot on this earth, as the Republican capitalist "compete or die" doctrine implies, than it's more accurate to say that such people think that no lives matter until they prove their worth to a bean counter or shareholder. It may be that the people most eager to shout "All Lives Matter" actually believe it the least.


Anonymous said...

That is obvious, since those are the same people most likely to insist on their right to carry a gun around to shoot "bad guys". What they're really saying isn't that "all lives matter", but that "all lives stand equally in judgment before me (or us)." But I support Trump, if for no other reason than that Trump winning, but not given, the GOP nomination would most likely result in a permanent fracturing of the GOP into at least two separate parties.

Anonymous said...

In further thought, if Trump were to run (with or without the GOP's endorsement) and win, the GOP establishment would do to him what they did to Obama - and their rank-and-file would turn against them, again spelling the end of the GOP as we know it. Hopefully this would give the true progressives on the left the balls to finally ditch the democrat party.