03 February 2014

No maybe about it: 'rightwing' resents Super Bowl ad

It looks like the only thing that MSNBC Twitter commentator was wrong about was the ad that would provoke, shall we say, nativist outrage during the Super Bowl. You'll recall that the president of the liberal-propaganda network felt compelled to apologize to the Republican National Committee because his Twit (for want of a better term) speculated that the rightwing might object to a Cheerios commercial featuring a multiracial family.  The ad they did object to was for Coca-Cola. It portrayed a multiracial, multicultural mosaic of our country and especially infuriated some viewers, it seems, with a multilingual version of the song "America the Beautiful," some lines sung in Spanish, others in Arabic. Some viewers found it an affront or a provocation not to sing the song entirely in English, the language of assimilation and our founding culture. Their responses are described here and here. For extra measure, critics of the commercial elaborated on their critique on the comment threads on these websites. Here's one from the E! page:

I am outraged! We may be a melting pot nation but a song so closely associated with our American heritage should never be disgraced in such a way! The coca cola company should be ashamed of themselves. I personally will be returning my coke products. Where do we draw the line & start being proud to be a Americans again?! If controversy is your way to get people to talk about your products... I'm out!

And one from the Daily Beast:
What frightens many Americans is the incessant promotion and celebration of our differences, and monolithic ignorance of what truly unites Americans. It is not skin color or where some came from. Amnesty of millions of 3rd world and millions more annually appears to many to be a deliberate attempt to overwhelm the country with those who have even less appreciation of the constitutional limited govt and econ freedoms than Democrats, with at least an excuse why they are ignorant of the virtues of limited gov't and individual freedoms. Capitalism, freedom and virtues of economic freedom are not "white" and are more beneficial to all than to the few who understand this country. 
Our immigration policy appears to be deliberately trying to change our country from one of immersion and assimilation for American dream to one of moving to a better neighborhood in another country. Schumer and Obama pushing immigration "reform", you know they care nothing for the costs and everything for the electoral advantage - pretty sad that they are confident 3rd world, illiterates whose country doesn't want to support them would be natural Dem voters. 
This writer goes on to accuse both major parties of pandering to immigrants, but would you seriously question a characterization of the opinion expressed as "rightwing?" More to the point, it seems that one would have to be "rightwing" in order to interpret the ad as a rejection of assimilation, if not to feel threatened by hearing a language other than English spoken, ever, in this country. Please note that I didn't say "Republican," and neither did the MSNBC tweet. But in the previous case Republicans chose to feel insulted on behalf of the "rightwing," perhaps on "no enemies to our right" principles. In any event, here's fresh evidence that some people in the U.S. despise any expression of multiculturalism. If Republicans don't despise it, fine. This would be a great opportunity for the Republican party to differentiate itself from a "rightwing" we know to be real. If they don't take advantage, the next time someone seems to confuse them with a bigoted or chauvinist "rightwing," they'll have only themselves to blame.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to force the GOP leadership to "apologize" for the racist remarks left by their own.

Samuel Wilson said...

At least they should be challenged to apologize or not so people know where they stand.

Steve Finnell said...


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