24 December 2013

Santa Claus has been shot

This just in from Washington DC. Footage from station WJLA:

Of course, this wasn't really Santa. As some people have said very insistently this season, Santa Claus is white. Still, c'mon man!


Anonymous said...

Looks staged.

Samuel Wilson said...

Two days later and the story still seems legit.

Anonymous said...

I've been shot with a pellet gun before. It hurts, but not anywhere near what this "santa" is moaning about. Add to that the thick coat he is wearing and the rolls of fat and his antics are way overdone, whether he was really shot or just faking it.

Also, pellet guns do not have a very long range. To do that kind of "damage", the shooter would have had to have been within camera range and someone would have seen him/her.

Samuel Wilson said...

Those are valid points but the way news cycles run these days I'd think someone would have exposed a hoax by now.