03 October 2013

From Shutdown to Lockdown

This was inevitable: according to the latest reports, a crazy woman tried to drive her way onto the White House grounds this afternoon, then raced toward the Capitol building. Police claim that she started firing -- whether at her pursuers or at the building is unclear. She was "neutralized" and apparently taken alive despite earlier reports that she had been killed. At least one person was injured during the pursuit. Let the recriminations begin. I like to play these games as much as anyone. When the first reports stated simply that shots had been fired at "the Capitol," I speculated that the perp was an angry Democrat. After learning of her visit to the Executive Mansion, many will assume that she's a crazed Tea Partier -- so crazed (regardless of party) that she did all this, it is now reported, with a child in the back seat of her vehicle. This is fun of a sort, but I'd like to say that a broader, objective, nonpartisan conclusion might be drawn from this incident, yet the sad truth is that there are so many crazy people running loose in this country that the government shutdown and the debate over defunding Obamacare may have had nothing to do with her outburst. This may be a tale with no moral, or else its moral is so general that we can lose track of it amid the controversies of the moment. If this week's news did trigger today's violence -- and there is news that an angry someone physically confronted a Republican congressman last night -- everyone involved in the shutdown crisis should take a breath and think about the consequences of their words and actions. What you should think is up to you.

Update: The latest definite word is that the driver was killed and her identity is known. She reportedly had some mental issues in the past and lost her job not long after having the baby who did ride with her and did survive the incident.

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Anonymous said...

As more and more of the population gets crushed by the economic decisions of the corporate honchos, you will see more and more of this behavior.

All it will take is for a few high profile politicians to get shot and you will see federal gun control finally passed in congress.

Hopefully working class people who are losing their jobs will come to understand it is not government to blame, but greed - defended by teabaggers every where as their "right" and "entitlement".