16 July 2013

Idiots of the Week: California Zimmerman-verdict protesters

Leave it to Los Angeles to ruin the record of peaceful protest against the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin. Approximately 150 knuckleheads saw a demonstration in L.A.'s Leimert Park as a pretext for rampaging vandalism. These bold rebels spoke truth to power by breaking into a Wal-Mart, breaking windows, and attacking reporters. It's all farcically reminiscent of the riots of 1992, but don't think of it as a black thing. The same thing often happens at other protests, perpetrated by "black blocs" that are often lily-white. In those cases, the more legitimate protesters often accuse the vandals of being agents provocateurs planted by the Powers That Be to discredit the cause. It's probably no more the case than as it was last night in Los Angeles. Crowds attract idiots. Some people think it enough to proclaim their rage with street violence as if rage alone proves anything, or as if their allegedly symbolic targets mean anything to anyone who may actually oppress them. Is anyone in Florida supposed to learn a lesson from what happened a continent away? If Florida's problem is that some people want to shoot young black men at the drop of a hat, what happened in L.A . may only reinforce that impulse. Nice work, guys!


Anonymous said...

I would suspect it to be more a "gang" thing. After all, if these people are just "raging", why wait til now to rampage? They wait until there is some sort of "excuse" - generally a trial in which a black person is seemingly unjustly found guilty, or it's opposite - when a non-black gets away with crimes against the black community. Then they rampage. My guess is that it was nothing more than looters using Trayvon Martin as a cover for their spree.

hobbyfan said...

Typical idiocy. Amazingly, they didn't try this in Florida, where the trial was held. Hmmmmmm.