17 March 2013

St. Patrick's: a day of rest, healing and hangovers

The feast day for Patrick of Ireland falls on a Sunday this year and probably has been a day of rest for many people, if only because of all the revelling and rioting done in the saint's honor yesterday. For some, today is certainly devoted to the licking of wounds. I'm thinking of the people whom I saw getting their asses kicked outside an Albany pizza parlor last night. It started with drunks in line trying to figure out what kind of slices they wanted. Then somebody thought he was being disrespected, and then somebody else thought he was being threatened. Thanks to modern communications technology, he called in some buddies. About a minute later they all spilled out the door. One group clearly outnumbered the other but the outnumbered ones (including one young woman) got some shots in -- punches, not drinks or bullets -- before numbers told. The winners put the boots in a little and left the losers laying, but it looked like not too much damage was done. Maybe no one really felt anything.

Earlier in Albany ...

I know the new Pope has a lot on his plate, but maybe if he lives a year he can spare some time next March to explain to Americans how to celebrate a saint's day, if you believe in such things.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, americans can't seem to celebrate anything without there being alcohol involved. If it degenerates into violence, even better. We have become a nation of imbeciles, lacking in any self-control or sense of moderation.

I'm pretty sure if the founding fathers had an inkling what their revolution would eventually produce, they wouldn't have bothered.