03 October 2011

Are you ready for an Idiot?

When I saw a news crawl stating that ESPN would pull its recording of Hank Williams Jr. singing, "Are You Ready For Some Football" from the opening of Monday Night Football tonight, and learned the reason why, I was prepared to cut Williams some slack. As some of you may have heard already, the country singer appeared on the Fox News morning show today and told the hosts that when the President played a round of golf with Speaker Boehner earlier this year, it was like Adolf Hitler and Benjamin Netanyahu getting together for a round of eighteen. On second-hand knowledge alone, I took this to be no more than an awkward analogy, or Williams's attempt to describe the absurdity of two irreconcilable enemies socializing on the links. At the very least, I resolved to see and hear what Williams said in context before jumping to the conclusion that he had specifically equated the President of the United States with der Fuehrer. So I did. This YouTube video comes from the Entertainment Weekly website, and it's pretty sad.

Williams arguably wrote the anthem for modern-day reactionaries, "A Country Boy Can Survive," and he appears to be exactly the sort of person you can imagine identifying with that song, not just writing it. Maybe he was up earlier than normal, and maybe he never actually slept overnight. But he clearly takes even the Fox morning hosts aback, and the full breadth of his comments, from "That's the country this state is in!" to "Obama and Biden, the Three Stooges!" has already lapped the potential field of Idiot of the Week Candidates several times over. I imagine that when my friend Crhymethinc visualizes what he calls dirtclods, they look and sound like Hank Williams Jr. That is, I bet they look and sound that way now.

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Anonymous said...

The drug addicted alcoholic son of a drug addicted alcoholic. Yeah, that would pretty much fall into the realm of "dirtclod". But then, pretty much most country music personalities belong in that particular ball park (or would trailer park be a more apt analogy?) Even Willie Nelson, leftie that he is, is more or less a dirtclod.

Dirtclods don't think. They react. They base their politics, not on what is good for the country, but what will fulfill their desires quickly. There is no logic to dirtclods. They may use terms such as "logic" or "reason" or freedom, but they don't grok the meanings of these words.

A dirtclod is someone who will blame the government for not creating jobs, then demand the government lay off more federal or state employees in order to lower their taxes.