11 March 2011

The power of nature

Overheard at the office today:

"I saw some footage from Japan. Those waves, the size of them, sweeping everything away....There's no way man can change the climate of this planet...."

Long ago, events like today's earthquake and tsunami would fill our ancient ancestors with superstitious awe. Apparently, they still do.

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Anonymous said...

I just finished watching a documentary on netflix regarding people like this. Basically, it explains that a large majority of people who subscribe to a belief system completely disregard any information which questions that belief system. It's not so much that they don't believe the facts that they are presented with, they simply refuse to process those facts.

This show is also disheartening because it pretty much says the planet is doomed, since stupidity has become a way of life for so many people.

The documentary is called "Stupidity". It is a very interesting program. Except for the last few minutes which seems to be little more than a commercial for a jackass who wrote a book telling people how and why to become stupid.