16 February 2011

Second Amendment Martyr of the Day

Resisting a government invasion of his home today, a West Virginia man wanted on "drug" and "firearms" charges defended his personal space like a free man, shooting three marshals and, as of the latest report, killing at least one before losing his own life to the power of the state. Some of you may not be outraged by this news -- and to be honest, neither am I. But there are people who insist that individuals have an innate right to defend themselves from the state's infringement upon personal liberty, and I wonder where they draw the line and why they might draw it to dismiss someone like today's perp/victim as a criminal. Aren't laws made by the state? Are some laws more lawful than others? So who gets to decide that? If one man's law, or a million people's law, is another man's tyranny, who are the million to tell the one that he's wrong? That man was just making a living, probably in the best or only way he knew how. Wasn't that his natural right? Who are you to say he was wrong, just because the government says he was? A sheep? A socialist? Well?...

In case you hadn't noticed, I was trying to be funny, but this diarist for DailyKos is not. He should probably get the booby prize for being the first to "politicize" today's incident. To clarify: a criminal may have political opinions, but those don't make his crimes political acts....unless your distrust of the state renders every law suspect and every crime a rebellion. It seems as if more people should think that way, but they don't for some reason.

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Martyr or "good" gun-nut?