01 October 2010

Idiot of the Week: Rick Sanchez

For turning a career setback into career suicide, I nominate the erstwhile host of "Rick's List," a prime-time program on CNN that has been terminated to make room for the Spitzer-Parker "don't call it Crossfire" show. Sanchez feels victimized, not only by his network but by white people in general, Jews in particular, and that notorious bigot John Stewart especially. The details are here, with a link to the transcript of Sanchez's doomsday interview on Sirius satellite radio. I never watched his show so I can't judge it -- though he may judge me for my neglect, since it would seem to show my anti-Hispanic, anti-poor people prejudices. I presume he didn't talk on his show like he does in the interview or else the show would have ended sooner. He was still going to have a CNN job, apparently, until last night. Perhaps he can get into the conspiracy theory business now.

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Anonymous said...

Before you fans get your undergarments twisted in a know, I'm sure Fox will be happy to pick up Mr. Sanchez. I can imagine they'd be happy to add a hispanic to their roster of leftie-haters.