01 July 2010

Question for the day: If the pot calls the kettle black, is that racist?

Brave words from full-time knee-jerk obstructionist Rep. Boehner today after the President criticized his use of similes yesterday:

For someone who asked to be held to the highest standard, President Obama spends an awful lot of time making excuses and whining about others. The American people want leadership from the White House, not childish partisanship.

Who besides fanatics thinks that the Republicans haven't been practising "childish partisanship" for the last year and a half? To say this isn't to acquit the President or his party, but Americans should realize by now that any Democrat or Republican who accuses his opponent of partisanship is practising the purest hypocrisy. Who is the worst hypocrite? The last one you've heard from. Who could be worse? The next one.

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Anonymous said...

The last time we had "leadership from the Whitehouse" involving "the other guys", we ended up in a war that, after 9 years, we are no closer to winning, thousands of Americans dead and billions of dollars owed to a foreign government in loans.

...and the band played on.