16 May 2010

Describe This Man in One Word

He climbed aboard the bus on Friday night in a belligerent mood:

"Look at me," he said, "What's a better country than this one? There ain't one. And you know who built it? My ancestors....I'm worse than a terrorist. I'm the one you fuckin' owe. You owe me....Look at this body. This is a mandingo body. I'm what you want to be."

"Shut up!" a passenger shouted from behind me.

"You shut up! You want to shut me up? I'm a gladiator. I'm a gladiator!"

"You want to talk about a gladiator? How about the U.S. Army?"

"The army? They just do what people tell them. And you know who tells them what to do? Who's your president? That's right. We ain't taking shit no more....I'm a real man. This is a hard body....You're scared of me, that's why you all shut up...."

Later he taunted passengers as they got off the bus. He challenged one woman: "Did you call me a nigger? Did you?...I am a nigger."

Another woman boarded, black this time. He became flirtatious. She became embarrassed. "You're like a star in the sky," he said, "You want to know what you look like, just look outside at night. That's you....You know why you're so beautiful? I make you beautiful...." The woman looked like she wanted to hide under the seat.

I was prepared to run the gauntlet and I even had a response ready -- "I think you're an alcoholic" -- but his heckler from earlier was getting off at the same stop and offered him some more choice words, distracting him as I stepped onto the sidewalk.

The challenge is: describe him in one word. Your choice may say as much about you as it does about him.


d.eris said...

Mad. And you know what they say, if you're not mad . . .

Anonymous said...


hobbyfan said...

Wasted. As in, 24/7.