14 February 2010

Idiots of the Week: The Fiqh Council of North America

Some things said or done this year will certainly be more stupid or more offensive, but for utter tone-deaf self-defeating insensitive cluelessness nothing may beat the fatwa issued by the abovementioned organization of Islamic scholars. It states that Muslims, of all people, should not be subject to full-body scans in airports because the scanners produce a nude image and thus violate Islamic modesty strictures.

Would it be politically incorrect of me to state that, if not for Muslims, no one would have to go through those scanners? Would it be facetious of me to suggest that terrorism and jihad in general are immodest actions and attitudes, or that it's immodest of Muslims to say that all other believers and nonbelievers around the world have to kiss Muslim ass and acknowledge theirs as the greatest religion the same way "arrogant" Americans ask the world to kiss their asses and acknowledge us as the greatest nation on earth? Isn't it immodest in some way for Muslims to say that no one can "insult" their religion without risking death? Or is it immodest for me to suggest that no American mullah has any standing in my eyes to demand any alteration of airport security technology or practices until he has proven that he's done something to make those procedures less necessary?

Simply put, if American Muslims (who I must add aren't necessarily represented by the Fiqh Council) want to practice modesty, then they should go through the same hassles the rest of their fellow citizens endure and not demand exemptions to which, as a matter of common sense, they are the least entitled.


Anonymous said...

Or - we could just refuse to let muslims fly or use any other mode of public transportation that requires a full body scan...

Maybe then they'll get the hell out of the US and that'll be one less group of superstitious idiots for the rest of us to deal with.

hobbyfan said...

Thank you, Sammy, for introducing us to a worse class of moron than thought to be humanly possible. At least until the next class shows up.

The Fiqhs want to practice a double-standard. They don't want Muslims subject to a body search for modesty reasons. Sorry, jabronies, but that argument doesn't even wash a greasy spoon.