12 January 2010

Amoklauf in Georgia?

Three dead, more wounded and a camo-clad suspect is in custody according to early reports from a truck rental shop in Kennesaw GA. It's been a week since the shootings in St. Louis, and the government sat on its hands in the interim, prodded by no one to take action on the imminent danger presented to innocent Americans by inadequately regulated gun ownership. American complacency from top to bottom has caused more people to be killed. Whose resignation will the people, the pundits or the partisans demand? Second Amendment absolutists believe the uninfringed right of individuals to own as many firearms as they please is necessary to "the security of a free state." How secure are we, exactly, either against the tyrants of paranoid fantasy or the gun nuts next door? Because of its peculiar explanatory or conditional language, the Second Amendment, alone within the Bill of Rights, is capable of being proven wrong. The security of a free state, arguably, depends upon the proof.


hobbyfan said...

The news account says the gunman looked to have been drugged up. He lost his job, and takes it out the only way he thinks works. Being strung out on drugs doesn't help the case at all. It's either prison or a mental ward for this clown.

Some will say it's a copycat of the St. Louis incident, but then again, I'm not so sure.

d.eris said...

I don't know if 'copycat' is exactly the right term either. But these kinds of incidents definitely seem to happen in groupings, no? There must be a time line of such shootings over the past decade or two somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Just how free are we if we have to live in fear of either a redneck revolution, putting violence-prone, military drop-outs in charge of the "gubmint" or getting shot just for going to work, school, or the mall. I think people who are really interested in a safe and free state need to be willing to endure face-to-face confrontation with the NRA and other gun-toting cowards and NOT back down. There's nothing in the constitution saying the bill of rights must remain unchanged. This is the one area where the left is far too weak in...their unwillingness to deal with face-to-face confrontation with the right.

hobbyfan said...

d.eris: Where do you start the timeline? These amoklaufs seem to be in groups of 3 or more, like celebrity deaths, if you will. The common threads are that the gunmen are usually depressed, despondent students or newly unemployed working class fellows with axes to grind in their fevered imaginations. They see one guy shoot up his workplace, and they think, oh, I can do that!

More & more I believe that most offices now need staff psychiatrists to ensure nothing of this sort happens to them. The sooner the better.