15 December 2009

Go Home, Oral.

The evangelist finally got the word this afternoon. Here are the fresh details. To be honest, I thought he was dead already. His reputation was definitely dead when Charlton Heston was willing to go on Saturday Night Live and play God in a skit mocking Roberts. It was a great moment in irreverence when the actor appeared and demanded of the comedian playing Roberts, "Where's my money?" That's how Oral Roberts should be remembered.


Crhymethinc said...

According to my sources, he actually made the call about 50 years ago, but it was back when everything was paperwork and there was a snag and the memo got put in the wrong file...feh. Bureaucracy is what it is.

hobbyfan said...

Shame on you. If that actually happened, we'd never see Roberts on TV on Sundays during the 70s & 80s.

That Roberts lasted as long as he did is a testimony in an of itself.

Samuel Wilson said...

It's a testimony to nothing but good genes and maybe good eating habits. The Bible tells us that dudes who really walk with God can last several centuries, but Roberts didn't even get through one.

hobbyfan said...

Yeah, there's this one fellow, Methuselah, who lasted almost an entire millenium. Nowadays, most folks don't get too far past 100 after they're discovered by the Guinness Book folks.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Hm. I shall never, ever, let any man or woman this side of Heaven have the authority to represent God to me. That authority rests in God's hands alone.

Oral Roberts is dead. So be it. Jesus is alive. Hence, it's all about my relationship with Jesus, not whatever mistakes and folly were committed by Oral Roberts.

To complain about or to derail the dead is foolish. Oral Roberts is not, nor ever has been, God.

Long Live the Republic.

Crhymethinc said...

Jesus is dead too. Assuming he ever really existed. And the only evidence of the existence of "god" are the ravings of madmen who only saw "god" after wandering in the desert alone for a few days. I have no reason to believe that anything from Genesis to Revelations is anything more than the fancy imaginings and delirious nightmares of schizophrenics.