14 April 2008

Geoff? I thought that was JEFF Davis!

You may have heard by now that a Republican congressman from Kentucky actually called Senator Obama a "boy" over the weekend. Rep. Geoff Davis told his audience that the nation didn't need "that boy's" hand on the nuclear button. By today he was apologizing abjectly to Obama, but the damage has been done, not so much to the congressman, but to the Republican-conservative-Clintonian argument that we all need to just shut up about race.

People who don't want to be bothered by the likes of Rev. Wright want us all to focus on the progress that's been made over the last fifty years or so, which should convince blacks to get over their grievances. So let's consider this little token of progress. Rep. Davis sounds like quite the throwback, doesn't he? He must have been hanging out on the front porch sipping juleps with Strom Thurmond and such folk, right. Guess what: he's only 49 years old.


crhymethinc said...

That's because the south will never forgive the North for kicking their ass, publicly humiliating them before the world, and taking away their right to treat human beings as property. We should have just given the south over to the former slaves as just desserts after the Civil War.

Brad said...

Blacks will never "make progress" as long as white liberals will continually tell them that nothing is their fault, but it everything is the fault of the white man. If we did talk about actual racial differences we would end up with segregation again...I dream of the day. www.goodoleboybumperstickers.com

Samuel Wilson said...

Brad: Here's a little challenge for you. Find us a genuine quotation from a "white liberal" stating explicitly that "nothing is [the] fault" of blacks, and that will be ONE person's opinion. Finding the evidence of continual repetition of this theme might be too much of a challenge, so let's stick with the perhaps easier task.

Uncle Daddy said...

Hey Brad? When y'all r dun wit yo sista, kin ah have at 'er?

-Uncle Daddy.

crhymethinc said...

Well said, Brad. Spoken like a true scion of the illiterati from the deep, down South. Your mama must be really proud of the ignorant, racist, redneck retard she raised. Hell, she's probably your half-sister as well.